Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even If You Don't Have Any Cockles

I LOVE Christmas Markets. The decorations going into town. Not quite dark enough for them to be lit.

St. Nicolas hands out oranges (Clementines) to the children.

This is one of the stands. It serves Gluhwein. (Glue wine) Gluhwein is a spiced mulled red wine that warm the cockles of your soul. Even if you don't have any cockles. I LOVE Gluhwein. I've been making Spousal Unit take me to a Christmas market every Sunday so I can get so cold that I need a mug of Gluhwein.

A kindergarten class provided the music for this market. The teachers then went around and gave out cookies that the children helped to make for the guests to their concert. They sang like angels. They were really that good.

This is a pizza oven, powered by a wood fire. It is also made from a beer keg. How fun is that?

This is another market and the music here was also very good. Lots of wind instruments. And of course more Gluhwein.

Sons #1 & 2 will arrive in a couple of days to spend the holidays. I anticipate that we will spend more time investigating lots of markets and of course, Gluhwein.