Friday, June 19, 2009

They Kinda Grunted At Me From Time To Time

I had a chance today to go out again, so I took it.

One of my gal pal's daughters thinks I am awesome. She's correct, but she needed a favor.

She recently had a haircut that is not quite to her liking. Its not the best cut, I agree, but you need to think, "Oh, not the most attractive cut,"

and take it further to think.... 16 year old, teenage girl, drama angst. "I can't live like this anymore.... I need my hair fixed.... and Momma won't listen to me."

Momma is busy doing other stuff right now. She is attempting to work a miracle. If and when said miracle occurs, I will blog about it. I got/get to see it all unfold and to be a part of it. So I have some sympathy for 16 year old drama and want to help my gal pal out.

16 year old girls don't understand God Stuff and miracles. They, from what I am observing, kinda live in the moment.

So I volunteered to take her about to see if we could find a stylist to fix her hair and cut into the latest fav techno style and maybe throw in some blue crap that is more than highlights and less than an all over, blue head of hair.

Forgive me. I am starting to think that I may be too old for teenage girls.

Anyway, using my best, pull it out my butt, teenage girl skills, I take her to the salon, schedule an appointment for Monday, and then take her to lunch.

OMG. I am exhausted. I get to go back Monday and pick her up for the appointment. Don't get me wrong she is an adorable kid, but.... I raised boys.

They kinda grunted at me from time to time.

I'm in for a ride with this girl. She doesn't stop yakkin.