Sunday, June 21, 2009

A New Type Of Adventure

I am looking forward to having one of my boys back with me. Us really. My baby, Son # 2, who is coming over to come live with us.

I had, we had, originally envisioned a 4-5 year, 2nd honeymoon. This isn't gonna happen.

My Son # 2 is a fledgling and is OK, but just not getting to where he needs to be at the moment, so we invited him to come here to live for awhile. He is planning getting a job and then join the service and we want to ensure that he gets steered in the correct direction while doing so.

I am so very proud of the choice that he is making and also glad he has grown up enough to ask for help in making this choice.

I miss both my boys and am looking forward to spending some time with Son # 2 while making this transition.

This may be a new type of adventure.