Monday, August 17, 2009

I Gotta Figure Out A Better Way

I am so sorry for my lack of posts in the recent past. For awhile there I just didn't have too terribly much to say for lack of, Ahem, any sort of life.

The first few months here were informative, and I posted about them, but then a lull set in and I really didn't have anything to say that wasn't totally repetitive.

Now I have, what I consider a really awesome life thingee going on and the logistics are against me.

I have always posted in the early evening while getting the dinner on the table and waiting for everything to finish up. I have always posted on the fly.

Well the ole puter is on the third floor of the house and posting on the fly is a thing of the past. I have to figure out what I want you all to know about before the end of my puter time or take time away from the Spousal Unit and our time.

Decisions, decisions. I haven't figured out how I am gonna pull this one off, but I miss getting on here and letting you all know what's going on.

I'm not one to let a little thing like logistics, bandwith, pings optimal distance get me down. I don't know if anything other than logistics are applicable but they all sound good.

I'll figure something out. Nighters for now.