Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Did Mention That I Am Not A Hiker

Well, we arrived in the Black Forest and started here. Triburg. The highest falls in Germany. Disputed, but who really cares, the area is beautiful and worth visiting.

At the bottom of the falls in Triburg. We are in the center of town. Not much really goes on in this town other than visiting the falls.

We are walking up the path to the top of the falls. It is really pretty and green and misty and slippery in places. I get to stop every 20 meters to admire the lovely countryside. (In otherwords my calves are killing me and I can't back out of doing this. OMG I want to die.)

Spousal Unit. Mr. Studly. Didn't break a sweat. I really want to just kill him sometimes.

OMG I made it to the top of the falls. (Think mountain.) I hurt like Hell. Yes, I said Hell in print. I usually say He"doublehockeysticks" but this really deserved the Hell designation. I hurt everywhere.

I did mention that I am not a Hiker?