Monday, March 23, 2009

The Detail Is Amazing

I officially hate Google maps. I put in a directions request to go to the town of Michelstadt. The stupid directions sent us on several tiny, and I mean tiny roads that riding on gave me a major anxiety attack. First, we had to go up a mountain to then go down the same mountain. No reason for the mountain climb, there was nothing to see on the mountain that going around wouldn't have cured.

Google maps just figured that "She Who" needed a Sunday afternoon panic/anxiety attack to keep her insanity at a consistent level.

OK.... the rant is over for the moment.

The reason for going to Michelstadt was the Easter Egg Market. I heard about it on one of the Yahoo Groups and then checked it out on the Internet. So when Spousal Unit asked if we had any plans for the weekend, I said yes. Since he was so nice to till my garden Friday and Saturday, I knew he really wanted to spend 2 hours driving each way to look at Easter Eggs.

These eggs are dyed one color and then the design is scraped into the egg by removing the dye.

This lady is dying eggs by using the Batik method. Starting with white wax and then dying, and waxing from light to dark colors.

These eggs are some of her work. The place was so crowded that I couldn't get any closer to these eggs.

These eggs are also examples of scraping away the dye.

I have no idea how these eggs were done. But the detail is amazing.