Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brussels, Belgium Part V - The End

A detail on one of the buildings in the "Grand Place." Lots of gold leaf.

These are some of the buildings on the "Grand Place."

This is the Greek joint street outside the back of the hotel. Pretty and of course the food is wonderful every where.The worst part about this street are the guys that stand in the doorways asking, beggibg you to come in, eat there, they have the best food. I had one follow me down the street for a few yards before he finally got that I wasn't going to eat there.

This is the scene that Brussels uses as a visual for tourist purposes. (Also on the "Grand Place.")
The Atomium. Built in 1958. We went to the top. All.. the.. way.. to.. the.. top. Lots of walking, stairs, elevator, and escalators. Interesting. Belgium used this as the centerpiece for a Belgium International Fair. It was the start of the World's Fairs of later years, as we know them.

This just about sums up our visit. I had a blast and would not hesitate to go back.