Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back To The Smoking/Quitting Thing Part II


Several years later, enter Spousal Unit. He doesn't smoke and never really did. When I met him he smoked a pipe, on the rare occasion.

After we married he complained once that he wanted me to quit smoking cigarettes. I ranted and raged again that he was being a hypocrite. I hid his pipe and the subject of his smoking was never raised again. (I still have the pipe, but he never asked for it.)

Well the years passed and I have tried every method of quitting possible. Well, almost every method. I haven't tried hypnosis. I really don't think I could be hypnotised. Trust issues. (Later subject of a blog.)

I sorta, kinda, really quit when I was pregnant. During the first pregnancy the Dr. said not to quit, just cut back as much as possible so as to not to shock the fetus. So I did. After the boys were born I just went back to smoking. That fish to water thing.

As the years passed I became a much more "considerate smoker." Of course, I am well trained. The military life does that to you. I asked before I lit up. I went outside before it was required.

These past few years I thought I was doing OK. Little bit of a smoker's cough, but considering that I smoked so many years, not bad.

Well, what's been going on recently with me is that this crap is coming back to bite me.

I have recently been diagnosed with very high blood pressure. Smoking is one of the major causes.

I am now regulated and am responding very well to the medicines. But, smoking can no longer be part of my lifestyle.

I see the difference in my blood pressure now that I am not smoking. With the medicine, I saw a good difference. With no smoking I see a major difference.

So kicking and screaming I will not smoke again. Yes, I am still kicking and screaming, but I won't smoke.

I'll just kick and scream like a little girl. And be glad that I stopped before a heart attack really stopped me.