Friday, September 5, 2008

We May Need To Do a Little, on the Fly, Travel Planning

The first day's drive was uneventful. We stopped twice. A potty break and then found some cheap gas. 3.45 a gallon is awesome. At home its 3.69 recently. It really irks me that just across the river it is 30 to 40 cents a gallon cheaper. I just can't justify driving the Big Red Truck over the river to save the money.

Right now, I am doing the happy, happy, joy, joy dance that the truck is getting 17.7 miles a gallon on this road trip. Most of the Summer has been in the 12.2 mpg range and it is really eating into the budget.

We checked into the hotel, right on the money, per my mileage predictions. We ended up leaving two hours later than I had originally projected. Gal Pal Tammy likes to sleep in on her days off and she took full advantage of the day off.

Since I had decided to break the trip into two segment, this later departure was of no concern. We just arrived at the hotel at cocktail hour, rather than sitting around twiddling our thumbs with an earlier arrival.

We got all our stuff into the room and Tammy turned on the TV.

Hanna is going up the East Coast and Ike has changed course. At this time, it looks like it is going to hit Destin.

We may need to do a little, on the fly, travel planning.