Friday, September 12, 2008

I Bought the Hardbacks and Didn't Wait for the Softback Edition

Please forgive my silence for the past few days. I am at the beach, gaining a slight golden glow. My last, for a couple of years.

Actually the real reason for my silence is books. I love to read and don't read, except at the beach these past few years.

I am under the spell of Bella and Edward. Jacob is also placing me under his spell. I am reading the Twilight series.

The first book started and finished on Tuesday.

The second book on Wednesday. I am almost finished with the third book today.

Tomorrow I will finish the last book published.

Stephenie Meyer has delayed the final book indefinitely because her 5th book chapters were leaked on the Internet.

I am sooooooo........ hooked on this series that I bought the hardbacks and didn't wait for the softback edition.