Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Silly Boys Allowed

OK, Gustav listened to me and I think Hanna will also. Thank you.

Its the upstarts, Ike and Josephine that I have to worry about now.

Friday I am driving down to Florida. I plan on taking two days to get there and possibly do a side trip or two. Sitting in the truck and concentrating on my driving, for a straight-through drive is a little more than I am willing to do.

Gal Pal, Tammy, decided last night, with the reluctant, though approving permission from Timmie, that she would be driving down to Destin with me. Woo Hoo - Girls Week at the beach!!!

The reluctant is because he is jealous that he is not able to come too.

Now, that is just too ridiculous to even discuss. Hello... this girls week at the beach, no boys. We are going to hit the beach, shop, dine, and watch Chick Flicks.

I may, on occasion, do a little tipsy blogging.


No silly boys allowed.