Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Normally Tuesday Is Luncheon Day

I am part of a group of women that came together out of loneliness. We are an Internet forum of local ladies that interacted on the "Net." We have taken the next step and are now interacting on a real life level and meet for several types of activities.

We do luncheons, coffees, a book club, and children's play groups. We had an end of Summer picnic and are in the throes of putting together a children's Halloween party.

I am looking forward to having a Christmas party

Normally Tuesday is luncheon day.

I am very involved with these Moms and their children. I am a Mother/Grandmother figure to many of the gals. So today when I wasn't at the luncheon I received several queries concerning my whereabouts.

I am touched that my absence was so noted.

I don't know if I am sorry or glad to have missed the luncheon today. One of my favorite gals who always seems to make me laugh wrote this about the luncheon today.

Her daughter was playing in the play area of our luncheon location and decided to just drop her drawers and pop a squat. This now mortified mom gets to clean poop off the playground equipment and her daughter. Seems the little lady is terrified of the automatic toilets in this facility. Luckily, with so many other moms at the luncheon, wipes, pullups, sanitizer and poop bags were readily available. Can you say moms springing into action??????

OMG.... I would have busted a gut if I was there at the time.

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Meg said...

Hey, automatic toilets freak me out so I can see where the kid is coming from. That's hilarious!

And it's always nice to feel missed.